protect your website from surge traffic

Set and forget

Set up Waitpage and then you'll never have to worry about sudden surges of traffic again. Just set your capacity limit and let us handle the rest.

keep your website online during surge trafic

Black friday? Flash sale? No matter the reason for your trafic, we make sure all customers can access your site in a fair and orderly fashion.

Cloud based

Waitpage is 100% cloud-based, meaning that we can handle ANY amount of visitors without affecting your site.

simple affordable pricing

You pay a small monthly fee to have Waitpage protect your site 24/7 and an even lower fee per minute someone is waiting in line to access your site.

A price that fits your needs

You pay a small monthly fee to have 24/7 protection of your site. Once people are added to your queue, you only pay for the time they wait.


Per month


Per month


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Frequently asked questions

Waitpage is a tiny, very fast, piece of software that runs on your website and registers all visitors. Once the number of active visitors reach a threshold defined by you, new visitors are redirected to our cloud based servers where they are put in a queue before being send back to your site in smaller batches. This prevents your site from crashing due to sudden rushes of traffic, e.g. during a sale.

Big servers are expensive, and a lot of the time, you will pay for capacity that you don’t need. Our experts have set up an advanced cloud infrastructure that scales on demand, meaning that we will never run out of capacity.

No, not at all. We will provide you with a plugin and/or comprehensive guide on how to get your site up and running. If required, we will even do it for you.

No, Waitpage is not a security measure for your site, we will only make sure that your site can handle all the wonderful people trying to visit it.

Of course! We provide you with a 14 day free trial to set up and test out the system. The trial will also cover 50 free queue minutes, meaning that you can have up to 50 customers waiting in line for 1 minute, for free.

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